Avoiding Fender Benders

Parking lots are home to many small fender bender accidents each year. There is a lot of turning, reversing and pulling out in a small area which makes it easy for a collision to occur. Although these accidents usually don’t result in injury, they can be costly and leave you without a car while it is being repaired. Most parking lot accidents can be avoided following these simple tips.

  • Be patient! Rushing out of a spot or to get the spot closest to the store is an easy way to get into an accident. Additionally, if you pull out in front of a car, the fault is yours so you will be responsible for paying damages. Getting into an accident because you were rushing will not only cost your checkbook, but time out of your day.
  • Be alert! Always be looking for cars backing out of spots or pulling through. Also be wary of cars cutting through parking spaces across the parking lot.
  • Park further away. The easiest way to avoid dents and scratches is by staying away from the areas of highest traffic. Walking a little further is worth saving yourself the headache of dealing with a ding from a carelessly opened door or a passing shopping cart
  • Check your lights and signals. The most common type of accident in the United States is a rear end collision. Making sure your break lights are in working order and are visible goes a long way in avoiding being rear ended.

In addition to these tips you should always remain sober and never text while driving. If you are involved in a parking lot fender bender, visit a member of Your Hometown Body Shop for an estimate!