Car Cleaning

It is easy to put off the good cleaning your car deserves. It is important to keep both the interior and exterior clean for several reasons. There is the obvious aesthetic factor of keeping a clean car. A trash filled floor can be distracting, smelly, and aggravating as well as potentially dangerous if an object gets lodged under the pedals.

It is also difficult to find your registration or proof of insurance when the glove box is jammed with old napkins and receipts. It’s much easier to throw out your trash whenever you reach the destination instead of waiting until there’s trash piled up.

Giving your floor mats a good vacuuming and shampooing will reduce wear and tear as well as increase their lifetime. Also, keeping your car out of direct sunlight can help prevent cracks in the plastic. Washing the dirt and grime off of your car goes a long way to preventing small scratches on its finish.

Don’t forget, salt that gets all over your car in the winter is extremely corrosive and can eat away at paint and metal. Therefore it is necessary to regularly go to the car wash in both the winter and summer.

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