With the ever changing advanced materials in vehicle designs today, repair techniques are continually evolving. The future is unlimited so rest assured Your Hometown Body Shops stay trained & prepared to handle all your repair needs.


Complementary estimates are visual inspections. Because of today’s technically advanced vehicles sometimes a disassembly is required for an accurate blue print. This can reveal the hidden damage need to complete an accurate repair value.


At Your Home Town Body Shop a “Written Limited Lifetime Warranty” is a standard feature. Remember that in the State of Michigan only written warranties are binding, regardless if it’s from an insurance company or a repair facility. Ask for it in Writing!


The end result is to get your vehicle back to its Pre-accident condition. That means not only looking great but having the structural integrity and all safety standards that you can’t see met as well.


We can assist you with insurance information and negotiating the proper repair procedures. We are the experts. Our vast experiences dealing with your insurance carrier gives you piece of mind assuring pre-accident results.


Our shops are always looking for trends and troubles that would affect our customers. By staying involved in our community events, legislative issues, safety tips, teen driver support information, and more, we look out for your best interests.


Keeping you informed is very important to us. Our programs allows you to, see pictures of your repairs daily, share or face book pictures with family and friends, email us with any questions or concerns, and check on completion dates. Ask us for details.


We are environmentally conscious, following all Federal EPA and State Regulation. We recycle and conserve at every available opportunity. Waste recycling is a big part of helping make our earth a better place to live and we do our part to make that happen.


Our web sites are full of links to educate our customers, answer questions on many related topics, and help our customers with all aspects in automotive issues. We want you to feel confident in how your car is being serviced.


Vehicle recalls important to know about. Your Hometown Body Shops employ state of the art information systems to keep us abreast of the manufacture recalls and updates on automotive news that will affect you and your family’s safety.

Honest collision repair specialists dedicated to improve the collision industry
Obligated to protect the safety of our customers when performing collision repairs.
Members of the Automotive Service Association whose mission is “to protect and serve the motoring public.”
Educating consumer’s regarding the proper methods and techniques required to provide a quality repair.
The “experts” in the collision repair process and recognized as such by the State of Michigan
Obliged to assist the consumer through all phases of the repair process
Willing to attend monthly meetings to stay informed of the issues and trends that affect our industry.
Notable business owners who are proud to be a part of our “hometown” communities.


This group of “Collision Repair Specialists” is dedicated to enhance the integrity and professionalism of the collision industry, and to serve and educate the motoring public.

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Kimi Collision Auto Body Shop Standish MI

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Northtown Collision Auto Body Shop Midland MI

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Precision Auto Body Shop Richville MI

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