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Caring for Your Interior

Want to keep your vehicle’s interior in tip-top shape but aren’t always sure of the right steps to take to do so? Your Hometown Body Shop has you covered!


Vacuuming your car is the best thing you can do to keep is clean and looking beautiful. Remember to remove the floor mats and use different accessories on the vacuum to reach those hard to get places.

Upholstery Care

If there is dirt on your vehicle’s upholstery (spoiler, you bring dirt into your car every day), you’ll want to use a carpet and upholstery cleaner specific for automotive care. Leaving dirt on your upholstery can cause discoloration over time. If there are stains you cannot remove, you can call any of the members of Your Hometown Body Shop.

Cleaning your Dashboard

Your dashboard collects a lot of dust. To clean it, you should begin by vacuuming and follow that with a microfiber cloth. You should avoid household cleaning products that are harsh on your vehicle’s interior. Cleaning the steering wheel is important, but be sure not to use a greasy or slippery product as they may affect your grip.

Clean Windows = Better Visibility

Use glass cleaners that won’t leave behind any streaks, especially when used with a newspaper. Keep in mind that some glass cleaners are not designed to work on tinted windows and can actually cause damage.

Professional Help

If you need vehicle maintenance in Standish, Midland, or Richville Michigan, call one of the members of Your Hometown Body Shop. We are experts in the proper way to care for the interior of your vehicle.

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