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What to do When You’re the Victim of a Hit and Run

Were you involved in a hit and run? This type of accident implies that you or your car were hit by another vehicle and the culprit fled the scene without giving information.  Most often it happens when someone bumps into your parked car in a parking lot.

It is completely normal to feel confused and shocked, however it is vital to try to remain relaxed. So, what should you do immediately following a hit and run to ensure maximum protection?

Gather Information

Information will be the most powerful tool. If you are at the scene when the incident occurs, try to get the car model, number, and any other distinctive features that may help the police find the driver. If you were not on the scene when it happened, look around for possible cameras or potential witnesses.

Take photos before you leave the scene. If you are able, take a photo of the culprit’s car. Record any other photos that may be helpful when filling a report.

File A Police Report

If you are able, immediately after the accident, call the police. File a report and submit all your information. The police will search for the culprit. If you do not file a report, it will be very difficult for the police to help. Acting days after the incident may be too late.

If you have been involved in a hit and run and your car needs to be repaired, call one of the members of Your Hometown BodyShop.

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