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Winter Driving

Driving in the snow can be a daunting task that many people avoid at all costs. Drivers should always be cautious, no matter the road conditions, but it is even more important in severe road conditions.  Here are several tips to make driving in the snow less frightening and dangerous.

Accelerate and decelerate much slower than usual. Accelerating slowly from a stop will help you gain traction

Keep a further following distance. In dry conditions, the distance is 3-4 seconds, but in snow you should increase that to 8-10 seconds

Break effectively. If you have an anti-lock brake system (ABS), then all you need to do in the event where quickly stopping is necessary, is to slam the brakes. However, if you don’t have ABS, you should firmly squeeze the pedal, without slamming it, right up to the limit of the tires’ traction. Do not brake any harder or you will lock your steering wheel up and lose all control of the car.

Approach hills with caution. You should avoid applying extra gas when proceeding up a hill. Begin your ascent with some momentum and slowly drive without stopping if you can.

We urge all drivers to always use caution when navigating in severe weather conditions and if conditions are extreme it is best to just wait until roads improve.

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