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4 Reasons to Trust a Certified Collision Repair Shop

You may think that all body shops are the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if your car requires certified technicians to complete repairs. There are four specific reasons why choosing a certified collision repair shop is your best choice.

  1. Using the Best Parts for your vehicle. A good collision repair shop’s goal is to restore your car to its original condition prior to the accident, not to bang out dents and make your car
    “look good.” Certified shops use only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, meaning you’ll know exactly what’s going into your car because it was built to be there.
  2. Hiring the Right Technicians. Using OEM parts is only good if good technicians who know how to install them are employed. A certified collision shop hires trained, experienced technicians who can handle each job. They’re training ensures they know how your car was built, thus knowing how to fix it.
  3. Using the Right Tools for the Job. A certified collision repair shop will have the tools necessary to fix your car.
  4. Being on the Cutting Edge. The design of cars is always changing, meaning repairs have become more complicated. A certified shop doesn’t learn one thing and stop. Part of the certification process is constantly upgrading, improving, and learning, including understanding the latest technologies and the different materials being used.

A certified collision repair shop has the knowledge, tools, and ability to fix the damage to your car and return it in new-like condition. You spend a lot of time behind the wheel, would you want anyone without a certification working under the hood? If your vehicle is in need of repairs from a certified shop, call the members of Your Hometown Body Shop.

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