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Prepare Your Teen for Safe Driving

Your teen started learning about driving long before you began thinking about learner’s permits, driving classes and teenage driving tips. Children watch their parents’ driving behavior from the back seat, learning how they interact with other drivers, obey traffic laws and avoid distractions. (You’ve been following all the rules, right?!)

Your teen is getting ready to drive and it’s time to talk about more formal driver training. Our friends at AAA can help your family choose the right driving school, talk about proper driving practices, set family rules about safe driving, and offer an abundance of tips to help your child become a safe driver.

Are you ready to help your teen become a safe driver? Take a look at some of the information below to help prepare yourself!

Understanding the Facts & Risks” explains why teens crash—it’s not just from distracted driving or drunk driving. “Licensing Process” walks you through Michigan’s system for getting a driver’s license. “Insurance” details insurance requirements as the teen driving process begins, and the news is probably better than you expect. “Driver Education” helps you understand your state’s specific driver ed requirements and pick the right driving school for your teen. “Key Points for Parents” boils everything down to the simple things that you should be doing now to instill safe driving practices. You and your teen are partners in this process, and “Teen’s Role” lays out some of your teen’s responsibilities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the Your Hometown Body Shop partners. And make sure you visit our Teen Drivers Page for helpful information on teen driving in Michigan. We have videos, news & updates, resources, and prizes!

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